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Xsyndicatex specializes in petroleum engineering. our firm is unique in the oil and gas consulting field in that we offer our clients a full range of petroleum and regulatory consulting services.

Xsyndicatex’s staff of professional engineers, professional geologists, technicians and support personnel are dedicated to providing the highest quality engineering services available, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We look forward to having the opportunity to work for you.

The staff at Xsyndicatex combines more than 400 years of practical experience in many areas of the petroleum industry. This experience includes drilling and reservoir engineering, field development studies, oil and gas reserve evaluations, gas marketing studies, secondary recovery and unitization projects and regulatory compliance issues. In addition to its petroleum engineering services, Xsyndicatex also offers its clients a full complement of regulatory consulting services as well as basic environmental consulting on oil and gas operations.




As an acknowledged expert in the field, Lionel holds Professional and Masters Degrees in Petroleum Engineering, and boasts over 25 years of industry experience. As one of only a handful of independent engineers with a deep understanding of both petroleum engineering and energy lending, his work is sought after by petroleum E&P companies and lenders. He's Technically strong and creative petroleum engineer, skilled on extensive development planning, reservoir evaluation and asset management experience with reservoirs developed under primary, secondary and enhanced recovery mechanisms.

Prior to starting xsyndicatex in 90s, Lionel has held serveral positions in executive management, drilling, completions, well servicing, production operations, property acquisition and disposition, reservoir engineering and reserves reporting, and reservoir characterization/development planning. It was his dream then, and remains his goal now, to provide services in the oil and gas sector with the best consultants available.

Areas worked by Richard include the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Coast (Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas), West Coast (Utah, California - onshore and offshore, and Oregon); and the Middle East (Oman, UAE, offshore Qatar). Reservoirs ranging from dry gas, sour gas, high pressure and temperature, steam floods, water floods, ASP floods, miscible and immiscible gas injection, and primary depletion.

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We are high level service provider in the Engineering, Geology, Construction, Operation and Maintenance with over 26 years’ experience in the oil, gas and power sectors

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